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CodaBox and the protection of your privacy

The protection of your personal data is important for CodaBox NV (3001 Heverlee, Romeinsestraat 10, Company number 0840.559.537). We process your personal data in accordance with the applicable legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and we take adequate security measures to guarantee the confidential treatment of your data.

On this page, you will find more information on how CodaBox deals with your personal data, both when providing its services, in general and on this website. In case of questions, you can contact us via our contact page, or you can directly contact our data protection officer at

Processing of personal data in the framework of the CodaBox-services

As described more in detail on our service pages, CodaBox delivers certain information to its customers and/or to their advisers, including bank statements, social documents and invoices. This service is always provided by CodaBox on the basis of a contractual agreement, both with the source of the information (e.g. banks or social welfare offices) and with its recipients (our customers, or their appointed advisers such as accountants) or with possible intermediate service providers (e.g. software providers who have integrated the services of CodaBox).

In some cases, this information can contain specific personal data, such as the name, address and/or bank account number of a certain wire transfer, or the contact person on a specific invoice. CodaBox processes this data exclusively on the basis of a contract with its customers, and solely in order to transfer this data in a highly secure and confidential way to the recipient, as agreed with the customer.

CodaBox only collects such data from their source on the basis of a formal contract with a service provider of the customer (such as his/her accountant) or with the customer himself. The privacy legislation makes a distinction between the entity that controls the personal data (the ‘controller’) and the entity that processes the personal data on behalf of the controller (the processor’). When treating this data, CodaBox hereby merely acts as a processor, acting on behalf of a customer-controller, who has instructed CodaBox to proceed with this processing. CodaBox hereby always ensures that the customer has effectively given its consent to the transfer of his/her data.

After having entered into a contract with the customer or with the latter’s service provider, CodaBox will collect the selected data from their source, such as a bank or a social welfare office. With these sources, CodaBox equally has a contract ensuring that the data is only transmitted to CodaBox after the confirmation of CodaBox’ mandate by the customer or by his service provider. CodaBox stores the data it has received in a secure way, and discloses the information only to the recipients (such as accountants) which have been appointed by the customer.

CodaBox and its collaborators do not access these personal data, and never use this data for own purpose. Upon termination of the contract with the customer or with the latter’s service provider(s), CodaBox will continue to store the personal data following the notification of the contract termination, both to enable the customer to search for a new service provider without information loss and to enable CodaBox to properly manage its potential legal liabilities. If, however, the customer would like to have the storage of its personal data prematurely stopped, the customer can contact CodaBox at the above-mentioned e-mail address in order to take note of the practical modalities hereof.

The privacy legislation requires firms that process personal data have a ‘legal basis’ for doing so. Firms are not allowed simply to collect personal data and do what they wish with it. CodaBox’ legal basis for the processing of this data is the contract with the customer or with the latter’s service provider, or, following the termination of the contract, the legitimate interest of CodaBox to ensure the continuity of its services and the management of its legal liabilities.

In addition, CodaBox is also required, as is every service provider, to collect specific administrative information on its customers, such as their contact details and their representatives. This information is only used for purposes of customer relationship management (including administration, invoicing, statistical analysis of the proper functioning and usage of the CodaBox-services, the detection, prevention and fight against abuse and fraud) and to provide information on the services of CodaBox. The legal basis for this data processing is the contract with the customer.

Personal data will not be put at the disposal of third parties, with the exception of the third parties that are used by CodaBox for the provision and the support of its services. These third parties are contractually bound by appropriate contracts which ensure compliance with this privacy statement, and are located in Belgium, the European Economic Area (EEA) or in destinations outside of the EEA that have undertaken to offer adequate legal protection for the processing of personal data. The personal data is not transferred to a third country or to an international organization, unless:

  • the customer has explicitly instructed CodaBox to do so, in particular when the customer himself is located in a third country or uses a service provider (such as an accountant) which is located in a third country; or
  • the third party used by CodaBox is located in a third country.

Personal data processing of website visitors and users

CodaBox puts this website at your disposal as a general source of information on its services. You can use this website and some of its online services without providing us direct information. In some cases however, we will request additional information from you.

Purposes of collecting data

We collect and process personal data via this website both directly (when you directly transmit us personal data) and indirectly (automatically provided by your browser when you visit the website).

You provide us with direct personal data when you contact us via our contact pages or via our e-mail addresses. In that case, we only process the personal data that you provide us (such as your name, contact details, function and/or company). We will only process this data to comply with your requests such as replying to questions, providing offers or registering for newsletters. In addition, we can process this data for the following purposes:

  • To inform you about the services and the products of CodaBox
  • To provide the services or the information that you requested
  • To ensure the proper and secure functioning of the website, including through the detection, prevention and the remediation of unlawful or inappropriate usage
  • To evaluate and improve the website, including its alignment with your preferences
  • To create anonymous user statistics

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